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IEPP Ambassadors

Street Warriors have been appointed the inaugural AEC ambassadors for the Indigenous Electoral Participation Program which seeks to encourage youth to ‘have their say’. They have featured in a number of articles in Deadly vibe and have headlined numerous Vibe Alive and 3on3 festivals spreading the word.
“lt’s about having a voice,” explains Predator “We need to actually get in the race and we need to make change happen, and one of the ways to make change happen is by voting, and being on the electoral roll is a big part of that”

Hip Hop Workshops

Street Warriors have been at the forefront of engaging youth through hip hop workshops to communicate positive lifestyle messages that would help build self-esteem. They have been doing it for over 10 years. As youth workers, they quickly realised that hip hop and music was a wonderful tool for reaching the ears of youth.  Their work with youth saw them recruited for the NiTV and ABC series On the Edge, appointed as AEC ambassadors for the Indigenous Participation Electoral Project and conducting countless youth workshops in communities around the country.  They will be conducting the 2012 Yabun Hip Hop Youth workshops throughout January for Gadigal

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On the Edge Workshop

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