Street Warriors are appearing around the country at various community events and conducting hip hop workshops with a key  message to deliver as AEC/IEPP ambassadors: encouraging indigenous Australians to have their say.  As indigenous Australians ‘we have to be in the race’ says Predator. And one way to do this is to enrol to vote.

While Indigenous Australians achieved legal equality in electoral participation in 1962, in practice, they remain disadvantaged. They are significantly less likely to enrol to vote, less likely to vote, and more likely to vote informally than non-indigenous Australians.

An AEC priority is to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage in electoral participation, and it has established the Indigenous Electoral Participation Program to achieve this goal.

A core component of IEPP is a face-to-face education program delivered Australia-wide by 25 field staff, 17 of whom are Indigenous. Their work is based on building strong relationships with Indigenous communities.

“Encouraging Indigenous Australians to participate in the electoral process is a continuing priority, but is particularly important now as Australia considers amendments to the Constitution to recognise Indigenous Australians, Mr Eckhardt said.

The posters can be viewed and copies requested on the AEC website at

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